I have 19 years of experience in video and 12 years of experience in photography.  I am a published photographer and author in photography training books and magazines. I have won awards as a director of short films, and music videos, as well as donated my time to charity events, like Tim Tebo's Night to Shine, and Jeremy Cowart's Help Portrait. I spent 8 years at Kelby One directing over 100 photography training videos with some of the most talented and successful photographers in the world, making my photography very diverse, and highly professional. 
I am a Kelby One instructor and have taught 2 classes myself on video production for kelbyone.com
My 2 years at The Moorings, my photos were in over 40 sailing and yachting magazines and I got a cover on Cruising World Magazine in March of 2020.

I like to do fun, creative yet challenging projects.  Please contact me if you have an idea for a video or photography project.

 Love to travel and while traveling I am always looking for rocks. Many of my coworkers are used to me looking at the ground during lunch breaks and filling up the floorboards of our rental cars with small rocks I find interesting and memorable. My entire living room is covered with rocks. I can tell you where I got each one. My 2 favorites are a large piece of quartz crystal I found in the bush in South Africa, and a large specimen I have from the Obsidian Dome in Mammoth, California. 
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