Sunsail - Corfu, Greece
Director, Drone, Camera, Editor
The moorings 50th anniversary flotillaBritish virgin islands  
camera, drone, editor
Teaching Video Classes for Kelby One
Canon Learning Center w/ Lindsay Adler- Directed, Edited, camera
Documentaries- Directed, Edited, camera
Music Videos- Directed, Edited, Camera
Die Trying by Jule Vera
Best Music Video- First Glance Film Fest, Los Angeles
Best Rock Video- World Music & Independent Film Fest, Washington DC
Official Selection- Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival 
Short films for the 48 hour film festival
i directed them all
editing and writing was a collaborative effort
all wrote, shot, and edited in 48 hours
this one won 5 awards that year, including best film & audience choice
Best use of character & best graphics
Best use of character & best use of prop
commercials that I wrote & directed
i directed over 100 classes for 
below are some of my favorites
shot all over the world

Fun zombie shoot in indiana
The four corners
fashion in amsterdam
venice beach, california
flying planes in north dakota
adventure sports in Moab, utah
Mt. Rainer, washington
freezing motion in florida
Headshots in Tampa
old car city in  georgia
7th Sun Brewery
we do a halloween video every year to promote their event
just fun videos with all the people from the brewery
very low or no budget
I direct and do all the editing
volunteer work- camera, editor
Caribbean comeback in The Virgin Islands 
director, camera, drone, editor
Sunsail's sail by the cabin
director, camera, drone, editor

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